Tiny House

In the winter of 2013 I built my Tiny House on a twin-axle trailer in the driveway of my parents’ house.  I designed the entire project myself, and took 5 months of construction and painting etc to complete.  I had never built anything like this before, but had experience building several small boats in my past.

I wanted an off-the-grid, self-contained home that would free me from the stresses of obtaining a constant and regular income just to survive economically.  As an artist, this will  allow me to concentrate more on my art than on money.

While building my Tiny House, I found that the help and advice of others was hugely beneficial… sometimes you really just can’t do it all.  I got a welder to weld the trailer once I’d prepared the parts, and my father terminated the electrical wiring for me.  Other than that I built the whole thing, and it was a very satisfying challenge – even those difficult moments that test one’s nerve.

I highly recommend people to consider building their own Tiny House and start to break free of the constant bills one faces in a ‘normal’ society.  Then you will find the time to explore your own human potential.

I have drawn up the designs for my Tiny House and, along with writing a building guide and 70 development photos for reference, they are available for purchase.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing my plans.

Below you can check out my interviews with Bryce from the New Zealand tiny house blog:  LivingBigInATinyhouse.com


Bretts-Tiny-House-Top-View-1024x576Bretts-Tiny-House-Loft-1024x576Bretts-Tiny-House-Kitchen-1024x576Bretts-House-Ends-1024x576 (1)Bretts-Tiny-Living-Room-1024x576Bretts-Tiny-House-Kitchen-2-1024x576Bretts-Tiny-House-Bathroom-1024x576